First Blog!


Hey guys! It is currently 2:33am right now and I am making my first blog! I never thought I'd get to this point of finessing my website and starting a merch store. This past year has been unreal....and I feel so blessed to have so many A-MAZINGGG supporters all over the world! I have finally made a merch store just for you guys! It's not a whole bunch yet, BUT just wait there's a lot more things in the works!

first rough draft

 When I started Murrz I did it to just make Boobz laugh or a few of my friends and I never thought that people all over the world would laugh or be interested, but to my surprise so many people felt that they can relate to either me or my life and it was so life changing and I am so thankful. It has given me so much motivation and passion to continue working harder for everyone who loves Murrz! I never even had the confidence to launch merch because I would think no one would want it but thanks to you guys requesting it, it's finally here!

My apologies for the delay and also my TERRIBLE grammar! (It was a weak subject for me ever since I was in elementary lol) I haven't written anything longer than a few sentences in years! Blogging feels quite strange yet nostalgic. Anyways, I will write a better blog in the near future! I just want to say thank you once again for joining me in this weird, whacky, amazing journey of Murrz and I hope you will continue to join me!